Video Gallery

Video Stories

We have recently completed the production of six “video stories” to highlight various aspects of our beautiful and historic church.  Each video is narrtated by Simon Bates, a native of the village.  We truly hope that you can find the time to sit back and enjoy what we have created and that each story enocurages you to come and take a closer look for yourself.

Welcome to this church

These videos, which have been several years in the making, will show you some of the highlights of the history and of the characters connected with this place .

Lady Isobella  

The Golden Chapel


The Great Bell

The Stanley Memorial 

Charles Dickens

The future

2020 and beyond

Working towards
a bright future...

Looking after the valuable infrastructure of the church as it has evolved over the centuries, whilst at the same time ensuring that it is fit for a range of purposes deemed important in the twentry first century is an on going challenge.  You can find out how we are rising to that challenge on the pages dedicated to the 2020 Vision Project by clicking the link below.